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Use these articles from our team at Sanctuary Health Group to gain some valuable insights on addiction and the road to recovery.

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Why choose Sanctuary Health Group?

Sanctuary Health Group isn’t just an addiction treatment center; it is a place to alter your mindset and lifestyle. Each client will be equipped with tools to change their life permanently for the better.

How will treatment begin?

Treatment begins with a phone call and the will to change your life. After an evaluation and insurance check, the first step in the treatment process is detox.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept most major insurances and do our best to work with you if you have another plan. Our team can also work with clients individually to develop an alternative payment plan. We want to help you get the treatment you need.

What credentials do the staff have?

Every team member at our facilities is trained, from our licensed therapists to our recovery coaches. Our team is all trained and have experience working with individuals dealing with addiction.

What is the facility like?

Our facilities are designed to make clients feel at peace and at one with themselves. Filled with earth tones, inviting staff, and soothing sounds, our locations foster an environment that calms the senses and prepares clients for introspection. Learn more about ourlocations.

Will the program work for people who are not religious?

Our program doesn’t require any specific mandatory traits or beliefs. All it takes is the determination to set goals and stay on track.

We believe ongoing support is a key aspect of sustainable recovery. To ensure each client is surrounded by a community of like-minded people dedicated to recovery, we have developed a number of programs. Our Alumni Program, Community Outreach, and Family Program were created not only to help clients on their own journey, but to give them an opportunity to help others.

One of the benefits of Intensive Outpatient treatment is that clients don’t lose access to the real world. While they will have dedicated time to put toward their Outpatient experience, the program is minimally disruptive to the rest of their lives.

Because Intensive Outpatient treatment is minimally disruptive, many clients are able to maintain their everyday lives. They will need to make a real commitment to change, but they will not be totally isolated from the real world.

The doors of The Sanctuary are always open for people seeking treatment. No matter where you are on your journey, we’ll work with you to get on track to sustainable recovery. Our process begins with a decision to change for the better and an assessment of where you are right now.