For many of our clients, detoxifying the body of drugs and alcohol is the first phase of treatment. Often considered the most difficult aspect of rehabilitation, Sanctuary Health Group strives to create a safe, comfortable environment for our clients in detox. Detox treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual depending on the substances and the severity of the addiction.Medical staff will be on hand to help ease clients off substances, monitor vital signs and manage withdrawal symptoms as needed.


Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment program offers a safe environment away from triggers and everyday stressors. Clients in the program will have access to group and individual therapy sessions and have the opportunity to build valuable coping skills.Therapy sessions, daily activities and educational seminars will equip clients with the physical and emotional self-care habits they need to achieve sustainable recovery.


Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

For those in the earliest stages of recovery, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) works to uncover the underlying causes of addiction. Sanctuary Health Group’s truly holistic approach to treatment will address anxiety disorders, self-esteem issues, histories of abuse and any other factors that may contribute to addictive tendencies. Sanctuary Health Group recommends our clients stay in suggested sober living homes while in the Partial Hospitalization Program.


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Clients in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can expect fewer required therapy sessions each week than those in our more intensive levels of care. Group sessions will focus on topics such as relapse prevention and relationship-building. Individual sessions will continue to delve into the underlying causes of the client’s addiction. We recommend clients reside in suggested sober living homes while attending the IOP Program. All clients participating in PHP and other more intensive levels of care must be clinically approved before graduating to our Intensive Outpatient Program.



Outpatient programs are generally recommended as a form of continued care, aiding in the client’s transition back to daily life. While the client lives at home or in a transitional living facility, they will attend therapy and support sessions with Sanctuary Health Group. The frequency and duration of these sessions will be determined by the client’s individual needs.


Family Support & Treatment

Our Family Program aims to repair the relationships that have been strained by addiction. Sanctuary Health Group will teach family members how to interrupt the cycle of addiction and codependency with psycho-educational groups and wellness workshops.But more importantly, our Family Processing Groups will work to explore the personal barriers of each family member, helping them to explore emotional alternatives to shame, guilt and anger.