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Our Facility

Located in the scenic Poconos Mountains, our Lake Ariel Recovery Center provides our clients with fresh air and an escape from city life. Rolling blue mountaintops and a quiet atmosphere offer clients a comforting space for reflection. In this peaceful environment, clients will be able to more easily reach within themselves to be an active participant in their recovery journey.

Our Process

Sanctuary Health Group takes a research-based approach to achieving sustainable recovery from addiction. In this program, clients have access to experienced recovery coaches and a number of educational resources. This program can be coupled with other treatments, such as a 12-step program, for a more cohesive approach to addiction recovery.

Sustainable Recovery

Sanctuary Health Group offers a truly holistic approach to recovery. Tailoring treatment to the individual needs of our clients, we strive to foster a culture that lives on beyond the walls of our facilities. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the techniques, attitudes, and resources they need to achieve a sustained recovery from addiction. In individual therapy sessions, clients will work to set attainable, actionable goals and determine the steps needed to make those goals a reality.

Though every client is on their own path, meaningful relationships are a cornerstone of our treatment process. Through our family and, alumni programs, group therapy sessions and community outreach, Sanctuary Health Group works to create a network of support for each of our clients.

Treatment Programs


For many of our clients, detoxifying the body of drugs and alcohol is the first phase of treatment. Often considered the most difficult aspect of rehabilitation, Sanctuary Health Group strives to create a safe, comfortable environment for our clients in detox. Detox treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual depending on the substances and the severity of the addiction.

Medical staff will be on hand to help ease clients off substances, monitor vital signs and manage withdrawal symptoms as needed.

Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment program offers a safe environment away from triggers and everyday stressors. Clients in the program will have access to group and individual therapy sessions and have the opportunity to build valuable coping skills.

Therapy sessions, daily activities and educational seminars will equip clients with the physical and emotional self-care habits they need to achieve sustainable recovery.

Family Program

Our Family Program aims to repair the relationships that have been strained by addiction. Sanctuary Health Group will teach family members how to interrupt the cycle of addiction and codependency with psycho-educational groups and wellness workshops.

More importantly, our Family Processing Groups will work to explore the personal barriers of each family member, helping them to explore emotional alternatives to shame, guilt and anger.

Alumni Program

Sanctuary Health Group works to develop a network of alumni and supporters who foster a sense of togetherness. By building meaningful relationships with current clients, we encourage participants to remain active members in our community.

We emphasize that a key element to sustainable recovery is helping others, and we proudly provide our clients with the means to do so.

Therapy Programs

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Focused on problem-solving and emotion-regulation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works to modify dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Based in the cognitive model, CBT suggests that an individual’s perception of a situation is more closely related to their reaction than to the situation itself.

Our licensed therapists will work with clients one-on-one to develop a healthier way of thinking and dealing with everyday stressors.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

With a mix of individual and group therapy sessions, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) works to build upon the foundation laid by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In DBT sessions, our licensed therapist will teach mindfulness, emotion-regulation and stress tolerance as they relate to interpersonal relationships.

DBT sessions will help clients to better communicate their thoughts and feelings to those around them.

Expressive Therapy

Sanctuary Health Group offers a number of therapy programs that work to bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious mind. By fostering a creative and mindful environment, our licensed therapists will give clients the means to externalize the thoughts and feelings that words cannot convey.

With art, drum and yoga therapy, our clients can enjoy a safe space where self-expression and introspection are highly encouraged.

So pleased with this rehab as my son has been to quite a few in the area. Within the first 3 weeks I have seen more improvement in his overall mood than I have in other rehabs. I will recommend Sanctuary to anyone in need.

- Alice M.

Outside from the amazing counselors that genuinely care about you as an individual, The facilities are beautiful and well kept. Helped greatly in getting back on my feet. Highly recommend.

- Nichole S.

I have wanted help for years and have gone through the ringer with numerous rehabs. Until Sanctuary. They actually care about your wellbeing. I didn’t feel as though it was the same typical rehab. For me, it finally just clicked and I truly think it starts with the staff members who do it because they care.

- Marc D.