Medically Proven. Community Driven. Everlasting Recovery.

A Biopsychosocial Approach.

The Everlasting Recovery Program views addiction as a disease that not only disrupts a person mentally and physically, but also destroys family cohesiveness and community relationships.

The over-arching objective of the program is to bring balance to the biological, psychological and social areas of an individual's life, allowing for sustainable recovery at the intersection of health in those areas.

Find Freedom from Addiction.

A Program that Works. Recovery that Lasts.

Don't take our word for it - hear from some of our program graduates on how Everlasting Recovery has changed their life:

Everlasting Recovery
Everlasting Recovery
Everlasting Recovery

Recovery is achieved in a systematic way, through six primary modalities:

1. Goals

2. Beliefs

3. Skills

4. Health

5. Relationships

6. Community

Everlasting Recovery
Everlasting Recovery

Ongoing Involvement and Support

  • 18 Months Recovery Coaching. Upon completion of the Everlasting Recovery Program, clients have access to trained recovery coaches for 18 months
  • Coaches Training Program. Upon completion of the Everlasting Recovery Program (ERP), clients have the option to become trained ERP coaches at no cost. Coaches help bring a message of hope and recovery to the community, with our affiliated organizations such as Project HOME and The Hope House.
  • Extensive Alumni Program. Upon completion, all clients are automatically enrolled in the Everlasting Recovery Alumni Program, where they have access to ongoing support and encouragement through our closed Facebook group, YouTube page and monthly meetups.

Everlasting Recovery is an Integrative, Evidence-Based Treatment Model

True Holistic Program. Our therapists and coaches assess and work to improve every area of our clients' life. We know that drug and alcohol abuse are symptoms of a deeper issue. For sustainable recovery to occur, it is vital to get to the root of the client's experience.

Individualized Treatment. Clients are given a personal life assessment to determine which specific areas need the most attention (i.e. family, finances, career, etc.), and with the help of their Everlasting Recovery Coach and Therapist, develop a personalized treatment plan.

12 Step Influence. Everlasting Recovery Program (ERP) incorporates the application of spiritual principles as they apply to sustainable positive lifestyle changes and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Everlasting Recovery
Everlasting Recovery

Strength-Based Approach. The ERP Model utilizes a strength-based approach, spotlighting the client's inherent strengths and goals for the future. We focus less on pathology and more on potential. The primary goal of the program is to utilize all clinical resources to teach the client how to leverage past negative experiences to become a better version of themselves.

Family Support. Before visitation with clients, families have an opportunity to attend an orientation and introduction to an ERP family self-care tool, designed to work in conjunction with the clients' treatment program. This initiates the family healing process and offers consistency for the client when they return home.

Neuroscience Application. Based off the neuroscience principle, "Neurons that fire together, wire together," ERP's RECOVER daily checklist utilizes the brain's ability to re-wire itself through neuro-plasticity, while cementing new positive behaviors in the implicit/procedural memory systems.

Intrinsic Motivation. The ERP tools are designed to empower clients. Through self-directed learning, the client develops self-efficacy, and begins to correlate positive feeling with personal initiative.

Evidence Based. The ERP Model incorporates proven clinical treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Measurable Outcomes. Using self-report surveys and leading research software, we are able to track and measure the success rates of our clients.