Alcohol Abuse should not Ignored

The chronic use of alcohol is a serious addiction. It can cause a person to engage in behaviors they normally wouldn’t. It can cause them to withdraw from friends and family, to feel depressed, and to have trouble keeping a job or relationships. There are many factors that influence alcoholism, including the environment someone is in, their state of mind, and some experts believe genetics can be an underlying link.

The signs and symptoms that someone needs treatment for alcohol use shouldn’t be ignored. The best source of treatment is for someone to be in an inpatient treatment facility so they can change their behaviors. They include:

Alcoholism: Signs and Symptoms

  • Avoiding responsibilities. As alcoholism begins to set in, you may have noticed a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, and begin neglecting responsibilities in your everyday life.
  • Blacking out and not remembering where you were, who you were with, or what took place. A complete memory loss of the previous events.
  • Cycle of trying to quit and then starting all over again. Making a choice to only drink on the weekends for example but once they have a drink they can’t control it. They regress to the old behaviors of drinking all the time.
  • Depression
  • Drinking often with an increased tolerance to alcohol. Hiding how much a person drinks from others is also a telling sign. Some people are able to keep a job but then they come home and drink every single night. Just because someone has a job doesn’t mean that alcohol doesn’t have control over them.
  • Financial Issues
  • Legal problems such as DUI or behavior out of control while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Tolerance for alcohol. Over time, this means a person has to drink more to get a buzz or they change from beer to whisky to get drunk with less product.
  • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms when not drinking. This can include being irritable, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, shaking, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. The number of withdrawal symptoms can vary and so can their severity.

Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

It can be very difficult to stop drinking on your own. Getting someone you care about into treatment is a wonderful gift. Getting them into a center that can help through the detox process, assist them with behavior changes through counseling, and give them tools they can use when they go home is very important. Alcohol recovery is built on a 12-step program, and they will need to continue those steps when they go home. They will also need a solid support system in place.

The ability to identify underlying triggers that can cause them to drink again is very important. Offering solutions with changes in behavior to apply when those triggers are present is a huge part of being successful. The sooner someone gets into treatment, the sooner they can regain their life. The health issues caused by alcoholism can be severe and permeant, including damage to the liver and other organs.