What to Do if Your Partner is Addicted to Drugs

At Sanctuary Health Group, we know that addiction is a disease that not only affects the person in the grips of drugs and alcohol, but also has a negative impact on the addict’s family members. It is especially hard for spouses. If you have a husband or wife addicted to heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs or any other substance of abuse, chances are that your relationship is strained and may even be at risk of ending. You may be asking yourself questions like,

“What happened to the person that I married??

Our family program was specifically designed to inform the family members of what are the best next steps to help guide your spouse through this difficult time. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient programs were designed around the concept that family cohesiveness is necessary to sustain one’s recovery. While under our care at all of our facilities, our clients not only learn how to stop drinking and drugging but are also taught life skills so that when they leave, their marriages will not only be repaired, but be better than ever.

If you find yourself in the situation of having a spouse who is suffering from drug addiction, you are not alone. Here are our top tips to help you through this difficult time, so that your spouse is not only guided to get the help they need, but so that you are supported during their recovery journey too.

1. Always Keep in Mind: Addiction Is a Disease.

It is easy to forget that addiction is a disease. As tempting as it might be to call your husband or wife selfish for making you and your family deal with the chaos that comes with addiction, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the facts about addiction. Addiction is considered a chronic illness, and many people are actually genetically predisposed to suffer through it. Addiction can start off very small and progressively worsen without the person even realizing it. The bottom line is, nobody makes the decision to become an addict.

2. Find a community.

Addiction is not a disease that can be fought alone. We at Sanctuary Health Group pride ourselves on creating a community around the treatment process. Families are encouraged to come to our group sessions to not only educate themselves about the recovery process, but also to participate in family life skills groups that coexist with the same program that the addict is going through. We know that knowledge without application is merely information. We give you practical tools and show you how to use them!

We understand how damaging addiction can be to the family dynamic. The most important thing for you to know is that HOPE is available. You can get through this, and Sanctuary Health Group can help show you a better way.

Is your husband or wife battling addiction or alcoholism?

Let us help.

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