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Overcoming addiction is an ongoing battle in America. Substance abuse and addiction affects over 10% of the population, crosses all socioeconomic divides and spans all regions. But recovery is possible. Start today by learning how Sanctuary Health Group tailors treatment for each individual. It’s never too late to change your life for the better.

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About Us

Sanctuary Health Group was founded to create a safe haven for those seeking addiction treatment. Taking a stance against the stigma of addiction, we promote a judgment-free atmosphere. Not only do we focus on tailoring our program to every individual, we make sure each person is fully supported and empowered to change their lives.

Medically Proven.
Community Driven.
Ongoing Recovery.

Sustained recovery isn’t achieved through a finite system of steps. It is achieved through daily actions that create a total life change. Our Recovery Program helps clients create everyday practices that will push their lives in the right direction. Once these practices become habits, our clients are on the path to discovering sustained recovery.

The Sanctuary Way

Personalized Treatment
Treatment that is specifically tailored to you.
Comfortable Luxury
State-of-the-art centers provide the peace you need.
Licensed Therapists
Trained professionals to guide your way toward recovery.
Community Participation
Build a community that will support you.
Goal Setting
Take steps toward recovery and personal growth.
Ongoing Recovery
Holistic, sustainable addiction solutions.
Recovery is possible. Let us teach you the tools to achieve it.

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